Black Lives Matter Endorses Terroristic Movement

( On May 17, the official Black Lives Matter Twitter account tweeted out that BLM stands in solidarity with Palestinians.

“We are a movement committed to ending settler colonialism in all forms,” BLM tweeted,” and will continue to advocate for Palestinian liberation.”

This is hardly surprising. It has frequently been reported that Black Lives Matter has adopted many of the same tactics utilized by Palestinians in their demonstrations against Israel. What’s more, the overlap between the radical Marxism of BLM and the radical Marxism of the anti-Israel/pro-Palestinian movement is unmistakable.

So too the overlap in their use of targeted violence.

Over the last week, a number of pro-Palestinian “demonstrations” have devolved into targeted violence against Jews. Like the BLM rioters, these rioters are harassing and attacking people on the street.

And, much like BLM does, they are also attacking people seated in outdoor dining areas of restaurants – as seen in this video from May 20.

Also on Thursday, a “pro-Palestinian” activist driving through New York City’s diamond district threw explosive fireworks at Hasidic diamond dealers.

One thing is certain, this violence targeting Jews will be ignored by the media in the exact same way the violence last summer from BLM was dismissed as “peaceful protests.

Black Lives Matter coming out in solidarity with this kind of violence is probably the least surprising news of the day.

It also explains why noted BLM supporters in Congress are also coming out in support of the Iranian-backed terrorists from Hamas.

Freshman Missouri Congresswoman Cori Bush, a former BLM activist who made a name for herself during the Ferguson BLM riots has been an outspoken supporter of the Palestinian-led Hamas. Since as early as 2014, Bush has conflated the BLM movement with the Israel/Palestine conflict.