Billboard Shows Biden Eating Ice Cream As Afghanistan Is Being Evacuated

( Hackers usually use their powers to cause people pain and misery, stealing personal information and money – but in this instance, a hacker used their powers for good, replacing Wilmington, North Carolina billboards with manipulated images of President Joe Biden.

The billboards show the president eating an ice cream and looking shocked, with an image of a helicopter rescuing Americans from the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan.

Another image showed Biden peeking from behind a set of blinds.

It comes after President Joe Biden’s disastrous handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal, even despite delaying it by several months. Biden’s withdrawal saw U.S. troops removed from Afghanistan before American citizens, resulting in the total takeover of the country by Taliban fighters and those thousands of American citizens left stranded with no guarantee of safety.

Reports revealed how the mocking billboards appeared on the corner of Eastwood and Racine Avenues, near a number of stores, hotels, and restaurants. So, a lot of people saw these things.

They appeared as President Joe Biden remained in hiding and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki revealed that she would be taking a vacation, right as the nation started demanding answers about why the withdrawal went just so badly.

Local news outlets reported that over 65,000 cars make their way past the billboard every day, as it is the second busiest intersection in the city.

And what makes this even funnier is that Joe Biden is said to have won New Hanover County, which Wilmington is in, by only 2,400 votes. Who knows if Biden really won the region, given the extent of fraud and misconduct in the last election, but we can probably safely say that this county will be voting Republican next time around…