Bill O’Reilly Says Trump Wants To Run In 2024

( Bill O’Reilly suggested this week that former President Trump does want to run again in 2024 and the only reason he hasn’t made it official is because of campaign finance rules.

While appearing on Newsmax’s “Greg Kelly Reports” on Monday, O’Reilly implied that Trump wouldn’t have been able to raise so much money if he had announced his 2024 plans already. He told host Greg Kelly that he would wait to announce until January 2023.

It doesn’t appear that O’Reilly has any inside information here.

O’Reilly also suggested that the former president ease up on making so many 2022 endorsements. He told Greg Kelly that Trump should stay out of these state races “unless you really know the candidate well.” He argued that the corporate media will ram it down Trump’s throat every time one of his endorsed candidates loses.

Knowing the American corporate news media’s desire to see Trump fail, that is probably true.

For example, if the recent polling out of Georgia holds up and Brian Kemp defeats Trump-endorsed David Purdue by double digits, the media is guaranteed to make hay over it.

Watch O’Reilly’s interview with Greg Kelly HERE.

The former president has been teasing another run in 2024 for more than a year now. His anvil-sized hints, coupled with his fundraising efforts, have resulted in complaints getting filed with the Federal Election Commission both from a Democrat super PAC and a possible Republican 2024 candidate who want the FEC to declare Trump an official candidate.

Officially declaring his candidacy would subject Trump’s fundraising efforts to strict guidelines and oversight, and would severely limit how he can spend the money he raises, something the former President wants to avoid.

The New York Times reported in March that Trump’s various political action committees began the year with $122 million in the bank.