Bill O’Reilly Issues Urgent Warning About Dangerous Joe Biden

( Bill O’Reilly is very much back, but he’s not on Fox. The legendary conservative TV news anchor is hosting a new show on “The First,” an up-and-coming streaming TV news network. And in a recent episode of his show, O’Reilly didn’t hold back on his views about President Joe Biden, going as far as saying the man is dangerous.

O’Reilly even said that Biden was proving to be more dangerous than former President Barack Obama, who ushered in much of the far-left radicalism that we see today. He referenced the president’s support of the H.R.1 “For the People” Bill, which would radically transform how America votes.

And while he said he believed in giving Joe Biden a chance, because he “asked for a chance,” he said that chance was “over as soon as he supported this bill which is flat-out unconstitutional, and if passed would ensure Democrats win every election forever.”

“As soon as he supported that I said this isn’t a guy who wants the best for America. All right now this is my opinion but I gave him a chance and now I know that Joe Biden is dangerous,” he said. “All right, I used to say he was befuddled which is of course true.”

Under the For The People Act, should it be passed, Congressional Democrats would be rewarded the power to reduce the number of congressional seats assigned to states that refuse to implement unsolicited, mass mail-in voting. It would also ban voter ID and open up elections to more misconduct and fraud.

Same-day registration would become a national scheme, social security requirements would be stripped away, and there would be motor vehicle registration available for everybody – making it easier for illegal aliens with driving licenses to vote in elections.

And for as long as the Democrats benefit from the illegal alien vote, it would guarantee Democrats win every time.

“All right, I used to say he was befuddled which is of course true,” O’Reilly added, referring to Biden’s constant gaffes and missteps.
“Now I’m telling you he’s dangerous.”