Bill Maher Warns Of Possible Cold Civil War

(  Before Tuesday’s midterm elections, HBO host Bill Maher suggested that making Election Day a national holiday and ending early voting might help restore confidence in our elections.

Maher, appearing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” compared the voting process in Brazil to that in the United States. In Brazil, Maher explained, the vote counting was so efficient, the election results were known in three hours.

He joked that it was “a little depressing” that the United States is getting its butt kicked by Brazil, asking why “we can’t figure out things that other people seem to figure out.”

Maher has a point. The election results in Nevada and Arizona are still not known. Both states hope to have the results after the weekend.

But you don’t need to look to Brazil to see how crazy that is.

How is it that Nevada and Arizona need a week to count votes when Florida, the 3rd largest state in the country, was able to determine the winners on Tuesday night? Those two states combined have fewer people than Florida. It’s a travesty that they’re still counting votes.

Kimmel noted that Americans are just impatient, adding that Americans are also crazy which is why they presume something nefarious if the election results aren’t known on election day.

Again, perhaps Jimmy Kimmel should take a gander at how quickly the country’s 3rd-largest state was able to determine the winners.

Maher suggested making Election Day a national holiday the way other countries do could be a way to solve the problem.

It isn’t a national holiday in Florida, and yet…

Maher also said that allowing voting to go on for weeks and months ahead of time “just sows doubt into the people” especially when the country is so divided.

Maher added that he believes the country is experiencing something like a cold civil war and making Election Day a holiday and getting rid of early voting would be “a sensible solution.”

What might also help is having competent people in charge of a state’s elections.

There is simply no reason Nevada and Arizona need a week to count ballots and determine the winner. None whatsoever.