Bill Maher Puts Media Bias On Full Display

Comedian Bill Maher criticized the media for its lack of coverage of the controversies concerning Hunter Biden, pointing out that similar conduct by former president Donald Trump’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., would be front-page news.

While discussing several scandals involving previous and present U.S. presidents with MSNBC host Ari Melber, Maher commented.

Maher said he can’t say he likes everything about Biden, but he takes offense to people who equate what Trump did to things that Biden did. Maher did offer that the Hunter Biden scandal stinks to “high heaven.”

He said that was “true corruption” that “a lot of the Left-wing media would not report.” Still, it pales in comparison to what Trump did. He said you might implement “whataboutism,” but if you can’t see the difference between what Trump has done and Biden, then you can’t tell unalike things apart.

Maher pointed out that the media portrayal of Hunter Biden would be different if he were a Republican.

He said if Don Jr. had done the things that Hunter Biden did, it would be on the news every day.

He said if the cocaine issue happened in the Trump White House, it wouldn’t have been dismissed so casually, without any curiousness by the media.

When Melber said Trump voters were out of touch with “reality,” Bill Maher rebuked him by saying, “There’s a lot of insanity on the left, too.”

Melber discussed the response to the Georgia election interference hearings against Donald Trump by comparing Trump’s supporters to “normal, reality-adjusted” people.

Maher said supporters of Trump believe he is the only thing keeping them from succumbing to even wilder ideas. He said, “And there is a lot of craziness on the left.”

Maher asked MSNBC viewers to “attempt to comprehend” why most Americans continue to back the former president.