Bill Maher On Obesity: “You Have Blood On Your Hands”

According to a report, Billy Corgan of the musical group The Smashing Pumpkins appeared on the most recent edition of Bill Maher’s “Club Random” podcast, where the satirist and podcast host ripped into the body positivity movement.

Billy Corgan was recounting an experience he had with his son at a railway museum to Maher when he mentioned a morbidly obese man on the train. Corgan explained that his boy asked, out loud, why the man was so fat.  After hearing this, the man loudly said it was because he liked to eat.  

Then Maher launched a rant on the fat acceptance movement and alleged health gurus behind the fad.

The video showed Maher remarking that people who encourage by telling lies that it’s positive or healthy to be any size, especially grossly overweight, have blood on their hands.   

Bill Maher then argued it’s inappropriate to say you look fantastic in your clothing when you don’t. Or maybe you do, but that’s only on your exterior. He explained that you wouldn’t necessarily have a great interior. 

Maher explained that with unhealthy encouragement, some would attempt to balloon up to 500 pounds. Conditions like alcoholism, which are today considered diseases or illnesses, were not always treated as such in the past. Maher said he didn’t understand why obesity wouldn’t fit the same criteria. He suggested that most people would agree that eating is fun, so an uncontrolled appetite is a problem that will be hard to solve.

The pair then discussed lockdowns and the police response to the coronavirus in Chicago, Illinois.

It is no longer allowed for Chicago police officers to pursue someone on foot if they are escaping from crimes they have committed, especially if such crimes are considered to be minor charges.

Maher said that a number of his long-time acquaintances in Chicago are of the opinion that the municipality is now very unsafe.