Bill Maher: Media Personalities Who Ignored Impact of Obesity on Covid Have “Blood on Their Hands”

( On Sunday, comedian Bill Maher appeared on The Ben Shapiro Show where he and host Ben Shapiro discussed the COVID pandemic. And during the interview, Maher told Shapiro that the facts about the risk obesity plays in COVID have become “the ultimate third rail” in discussing the health crisis in America.

Maher points out that even people who were slightly overweight had a much worse outcome than those who are a healthy weight. The obese and slightly obese were more likely to end up in the hospital on a ventilator. But in America today, the media and the public don’t like to talk about the health risks of obesity, not just with COVID but with other health issues as well.

He mentioned that he was recently accused of “fat-shaming” when he previously discussed the role obesity plays in increasing the risks from COVID. Maher argued that so long as we’re afraid to honestly discuss the risk of obesity, “we are never going to solve the health care crisis” in America.

And those who refuse to talk about it, Maher added, “you have blood on your hands.”

If the media is going to bury the truth about the health risks of obesity because they’re afraid of offending people, “you have blood on your hands.” What’s more, Maher added, “you are not doing these people a favor.”

Maher argued that the government alone can’t solve America’s health problems. Vaccines alone can’t solve it. Instead, the key to solving America’s health crisis is to “ask the people to participate in their own health.”

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