Bill Maher Calls For “Media Blackout” Over School Shootings

Last Friday, HBO host Bill Maher called for a “media blackout” on school shooting suspects, arguing that the attention the media gives to the murderers will only inspire others to commit similar crimes.

During the latest episode of HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher,” Maher and his guests were discussing last week’s shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville where a 28-year-old woman who “identified” as a man, fatally shot six people, including three 9-year-olds. The suspect was then shot dead by police.

Some news outlets, including the UK Daily Mail and the New York Post, have since published deep-dive articles about the murderer that feature photos of the killer along with wistful stories about her past.

Maher said that he didn’t want to see anything in the news about the perpetrators of such shootings, especially if refusing to give them the attention they want also helps to discourage someone else from doing the same thing.

Maher blasted the news media for waiting “anxiously” for more information about last week’s shooter, saying we should have a media blackout on these murderers and what they did.

He pointed out that Thursday was Major League Baseball’s opening day and noted that when someone in the stands runs onto the field, the cameras do not show it, refusing to give publicity to the person disrupting the game. Maher asked why the same can’t be done for school shooters.

Maher said he doesn’t want to hear anything about the shooter. He said it is enough to report what happened. There is no reason for the press to inform the public about the details of the murderers, like “what orientation this person is,” their age, or the contents of their manifestos.

Adding that he doesn’t “give a sh*t,” Maher said reporting all that information will only “inspire” the next murderer because all of them “feed on each other.”

A blackout is “the least the media could do,” Maher added.