Bill Gates Says We Have Not Passed The Worst Of The Pandemic Yet

( In an interview with the Financial Times last week, Microsoft founder Bill Gates suggested that we haven’t seen the worst of the COVID pandemic yet.

While advocating for governments to spend more money to prevent future pandemics, Gates told the Financial Times that there is still a risk that the COVID pandemic might generate a variant that is more transmissible “and even more fatal.”

Claiming he didn’t want to be “a voice of doom and gloom” about the COVID pandemic, Gates proceeded to be a voice of doom and gloom, telling the Financial Times, “we haven’t even seen the worst of it.”

Gates told the outlet that the World Health Organization should set up a global epidemic response and mobilization initiative funded by the world’s governments. He argued that the amount of taxpayer money poured into the global effort to stop the next pandemic “is very small compared to the benefit.”

How about no. Let’s not do that.

He added that the initiative would also serve as a test to determine if “global institutions” can “take on new responsibilities in an excellent way.”

Spoiler alert: We don’t need to spend billions on a “test” because we already know such a global “test” would fail spectacularly.

Given that Gates is a full-throated globalist, it isn’t surprising that his proposed “solution” to avoiding another pandemic is forcing taxpayers to fund a “global effort.”

But has Gates forgotten that it was a global institution that failed us two years ago?

The World Health Organization, contrary to Bill Gates’ woolly-headed thinking, isn’t as pure as the wind-driven snow. It is an organization under the thumb of the Communist Chinese. And because it chose to protect Beijing, the WHO waited far too long to raise the alarm about COVID-19. Even worse, it initially downplayed the threat.

The World Health Organization could no more command a successful global effort to stop the next pandemic than the useless United Nations could successfully stop the next war.