Bill Gates Reportedly Grieving From Splitup From Wife

( Bill Gates has revealed he is still ‘grieving’ over the end of his 27-year marriage to Melinda.
Although they did not have a prenuptial agreement, they amicably split their massive bankroll, with her keeping the family dog.
The billionaire refused to say if he’d ever cheated on his wife. Melinda said in March that he had ‘things to answer’ regarding affairs.
Gates said that they grew up together, and when they married, Microsoft was a giant. But he was 38, and she was 28 when they married, and during the next few years, what they learned together, what went well, what didn’t, that was over half his adult life.
Bill stated the divorce deal was ‘fair’ on both sides. He was estimated to be worth $130 billion.
He said Melinda got to keep the puppy. He got the supernice mansion.
But the tech mogul declined to discuss his alleged indiscretions.
Melinda, who surprised the world by breaking her 27-year marriage to Bill in May 2021, revealed how working with the tycoon was emotionally draining.
Their divorce was formalized in August in Washington, D.C., where the Gates Foundation is situated.
Melinda revealed in March that she and Bill are ‘friendly’ and work together. She does, however, feel that he had multiple affairs during their marriage. He previously admitted one.
She said he had an affair with a Microsoft employee in 2000. The marriage took everything she had. She was committed from the day they were engaged until she left.’
A Gates spokeswoman said he had sexual contact with a female employee in 2000 and quit while an external legal firm investigated the relationship on behalf of the company board.
The New York Times also stated that while married, Gates asked out a Microsoft employee in 2006 and a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation employee in 2009.
‘If this makes you uncomfortable, pretend it never happened,’ Gates allegedly said in an email. She stated she did.
Later, while on a trip to New York, Gates allegedly invited a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation staffer to dinner.
Last year, four Microsoft employees accused Gates of being a workplace bully who used the term “that’s the stupidest f*****g idea I’ve ever heard” and had affairs with colleagues and journalists.
Gates’s reputation as a tyrant began soon after co-founding Microsoft with childhood friend Paul Allen in 1975.
The billionaire’s representative denied mistreating employees.
According to an anonymous source, Gates would memorize his employees’ registration plates.
An ex-Microsoft board member, Maria Klawe, claimed that “a person like Bill Gates thinks the ordinary rules of etiquette don’t apply to him.”
Klawe claimed that Gates acted like he was the most brilliant guy in the room and wasn’t interested in hearing about diversity.
“Are you trying to effing kill the company?” she alleged Gates would retort when female executives suggested diversity efforts.
A Gates spokeswoman said that Klawe’s claims are “grossly mischaracterized.”
Melinda was a product manager at Microsoft when the billionaire first asked her out months after flirting with her at a conference dinner.
Gates allegedly had an affair with a married woman 13 years older than him when he was 27.
His biography, Microsoft, written by James Wallace, claims he had an affair with an Osborne Computer executive’s wife who lived abroad.
In a 1994 interview with Playboy magazine, Gates acknowledged frequenting the neighborhood around Washington Street between Boylston and Kneeland Streets.
Wallace said that Gates’s fondness for women continued after meeting Melinda Gates in 1987.
Wallace said Gates ‘gathered up’ dancers from local all-nude nightclubs to swim naked at his bachelor pad in Laurelhurst. He said he didn’t know whether he transported them or merely advised them where to go.
Robert X. Cringely, a renowned computer gossip columnist for InfoWorld, said that Gates ‘got drunk very easily’ at tech events and after-parties.
“We’ve all gone to a party where Bill was visibly drunk. Drunk,” Cringely claimed.
In the summer of 1988, Gates, 33, flew by helicopter to Les Arcs ski resort in the French Alps for an international sales meeting for Microsoft.
According to Dan Graves, a former Microsoft export manager, gates joined his colleagues for cocktails in a Swiss cabin and partied until dawn.
Gates hesitated to tell Melinda, but she was aware of his womanizing. The pair even split up for a year early on.
In an interview for the Netflix docuseries Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates, Melinda revealed that Bill wanted to marry but wasn’t sure he could do it with Microsoft.
From 1984 to 1987, Gates dated software entrepreneur Ann Winblad, whom he married in 1997, and still went on annual holidays to the Outer Banks of North Carolina with his ex-girlfriend Ann Winblad.
Watermark Estate Management allegedly arranged Bill and Melinda Gates’ annual beach trips with Winblad since 2001.
Gates confessed that a fundraising meeting with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein was a “big mistake.”
The financier had been convicted of soliciting sex from a child in 2008.
Epstein was frequently invited to Gates Foundation fundraising dinners.
The dinners enraged the billionaire’s ex-wife, who called Epstein “evil personified.”
A former sex offender, Gates said he stopped meeting with him after realizing the encounters would not benefit his nonprofit foundation.
‘I ate with him. I regret it. A partnership with a public health advocate, he said. Not enough philanthropy goes there,’ Gates remarked in September 2021.
Epstein had pled guilty and was convicted of obtaining a kid for prostitution and soliciting a prostitute in 2008 – years before the tech mogul met the investor.
Gates said It was a significant error to spend time with him and validate his presence.
Gates allegedly visited Epstein’s home several times and discussed his ‘toxic’ marriage with the pedophile. A source said that Gates visited Epstein’s ‘pedo island’ to escape his troubled marriage.
On March 1, 2013, Gates and Epstein were passengers on the Lolita Express from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey to Palm Beach, one of the rare flights that year that pilot Larry Viskoski recorded a passenger’s name.
Melinda told CBS Mornings in March that she insisted on meeting Epstein in 2011 to discover ‘who this man was.’
She objected to his meetings with Jeffrey Epstein. She told him he was disgusting, pure wickedness. It gave her nightmares.
She said Bill had to explain his frequent meetings with Epstein, which contributed to the split-up.
Melinda said several factors were involved in the divorce, and any remaining questions concerning Bill’s relationship with Epstein are for Bill to answer.
“I was pretty explicit about my feelings,” Melinda said.