Bill Gates Cashes Out His Stocks

( Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and previously the richest man on earth, is reportedly selling off stocks ahead of what MARCA claimed could be “another possible crisis.”

After spending years in the spotlight over matters relating to COVID-19 and vaccinations – which he has spent many years advocating – Gates is now under increasing scrutiny over his relationship with dead millionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

MARCA reports that Gates “has been selling many of his stocks and changing the focus of his investments,” which some experts are suggesting could be indicative of a new crisis – not necessarily for Gates, but in the market as a whole. The theory the outlet pushes is that if Gates thinks some sectors of the market are becoming too risky, then in all likelihood, they probably are.

Gates’ wealth is still gigantic. After leaving Microsoft, Gates has spent years using millions of dollars of his own money to fund vaccination programs all over the world and other charitable efforts aiming to combat world hunger. His fortune is still predicted to be 111 billion Euros, according to the report, which is the fourth largest in the world. Most of that wealth, however, is tied up in investments.

Gates has reportedly been buying more shares in companies related to agriculture and water supply. He is also reportedly buying stocks in domestic transport companies.

While Gates himself may be facing fresh crises after his ex-wife Melinda French opened up in an interview about her former husband’s relationship with Epstein, he can at least prepare for external crises with his vast wealth.