Bill Barr Says He Watched Security Cameras Personally Of Epstein’s Cell

( A lot of people still don’t believe that dead millionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein genuinely committed suicide in his cell – but former Attorney General Bill Barr writes in his new book that having witnessed the surveillance footage himself, he believes that Epstein did in fact take his own life in his prison cell in August, 2019.

When Epstein killed himself in prison as he awaited trial relating to the sex trafficking of underage girls, Barr was the Attorney General. He was tasked with investigating how it was possible for Epstein to kill himself when he was on suicide watch and when he was not meant to have any tools in his cell that would have made suicide possible.

At the time, attorneys argued that the marks on his neck made it look more like he had been strangled to death rather than killed himself by hanging from a bedsheet. However, Barr says in his new book that he “personally” reviewed the surveillance footage from the prison and knows that Epstein was definitely alone in his cell when he killed himself.

“The New York City medical examiner had conducted an autopsy and ruled that Epstein killed himself by hanging,” he said. “Other evidence also pointed to suicide, but it was the video evidence that confirmed the medical examiner’s finding.”

He added that he personally reviewed the footage and concluded that between the time that Epstein was locked inside of his cell at 7:49pm on August 9, and the time he was discovered the next morning at 6:30am, nobody entered his cell or the area around his cell.

The new book, “One Damn Thing After Another,” will be released on March 8.