Bill Barr Has A Warning For Trump’s Lawyer

According to a report, former Attorney General and frequent Trump antagonist William Barr poked fun at the president’s newest attorney.

Barr visited Martha MacCallum on Fox News’ “The Story” to discuss Trump’s arraignment on 34 felony charges of falsifying company records following alleged hush money payments.  

Barr first described the case as unjust and pathetically weak, which prompted MacCallum to inquire about Barr’s opinion of Trump’s new white-collar defense attorney, Todd Blanche.  Blanche appeared in court with Trump at the arraignment.   

MacCallum read from a statement in which Blanche claimed he resigned from his law firm to defend Trump because he determined it was the right thing to do and an experience he should not pass up.

Barr giggled and said that Blanche had never worked with Trump before. 

MacCallum asked if Blanche would be sorry he did. 

Barr claimed that lawyers regret working with Trump, as they inevitably end up appearing before grand juries and depositions themselves. 

Barr was referring to Michael Cohen.

In 2019, Cohen pleaded guilty to tax fraud charges, lying to Congress, and campaign finance violations, as per media reports.

Barr told Fox News that it is obvious his old boss has been treated “unjustly” after the unsealing of Trump’s indictment, even though he and Trump have not had a good relationship since Trump left office.

Barr explained that he had disagreements with the president, and it was no secret that the Russiagate hoax and the concept of the “resistance” were unfair attacks on him.

Barr expressed his regret on Tuesday’s “The Story,” saying he felt horrible that this had occurred. Barr said that, in his opinion, it wasn’t warranted. Hence, he felt sorry for him on a basic human level.

According to Barr, the lawsuit is expected to be adjudicated in the ex-president’s favor, which may explain why Trump’s latest attorney, Todd Blanche, left the prominent Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft law practice to participate on his defense team.

Barr said that in the end, Trump’s case would be a winner.