Biden’s New Space Headquarters Is Raising Eyebrows

Military observers claim the White House politicizes everything, as seen by the Biden administration’s apparent U-turn on transferring the permanent headquarters of U.S. Space Command to Huntsville, Alabama.

Reports reveal defense and congressional sources have informed NBC News that the Biden administration is contemplating breaking its agreement to relocate Space Command’s headquarters to Alabama because of the state’s new abortion regulations.

According to a report, the decision for the Air Force to relocate the headquarters from Colorado to Alabama was made by the Trump administration but was ordered to be reviewed by the Biden White House last year. After Alabama’s legislation prohibiting almost all abortions took effect last summer, Biden decided to take the new route.

But there is no consideration of the abortion legislation, according to the White House.

Administration officials have denied that Senator Tommy Tuberville’s protesting of the abortion policy of the Pentagon by delaying more than 200 military candidates had any role in the decision. 

A White House official, however, has said that Tuberville was not making it easy, so the administration is now attempting to postpone its decision until the impasse is overcome.

Sen. Tuberville tweeted that Biden was putting ideology above national security if he tried to prevent Space Command’s relocation to Alabama.

Sen. Katie Britt released a statement essentially echoing the same sentiments, calling the rumored move political and disrespectful.

One of the state’s lone congressional Democrats is also speaking out against the president on social media. Terri Sewell, a representative from Alabama, has called on the White House to reaffirm Huntsville’s status as Space Command’s headquarters.

Rep. Robert Aderholt issued a statement and expressed concern for national security if the report is accurate. The report was the second one in the past two months about the chance of Space Command staying in Colorado. Following the article, he confronted Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall during a hearing.  Kendall assured them that the decision regarding the basing of the Space Command was solely his.
According to Aderholt, he was informed that President Biden gave the Air Force full responsibility for making the decision. He requested information about changes that may have occurred in the last two months.