Biden’s Negotiations With Iran Suddenly Put On Back Burner

( The State Department has reportedly said that the Iran nuclear deal that was once the priority of the Biden administration is now on the back burner as they pivot to focusing on the anti-government protests that have engulfed the Islamic Republic.

When asked about the deal, department spokesperson Neil Price confirmed that it was “not our focus right now,” but added that the administration is still pursuing talks with Iran about a deal that is similar to the 2015 JCPOA that Obama initially negotiated.

“Iran’s demands are unrealistic,” Price also said. “Nothing we’ve heard in recent weeks suggests they have changed their position. And so right now our focus … is on the remarkable bravery and courage that the Iranian people are exhibiting through their peaceful demonstrations.”

Price observed the “brutal repression” from the Iranian regime against protestors that called out the execution of Mahsa Amini, who was arrested for not wearing a hijab. The religious morality police claimed that she suffered a heart attack where they transferred her from jail to the hospital where they claim she died.

Price claimed that U.S. sanctioning Iranian oil companies were an “important measure of accountability” for the regime, according to a report by conservative magazine American Pigeon.

American Pigeon also reported, however, that as the White House sanctions Iran over human rights abuses, they are continuing to negotiate a nuclear deal that will significantly promote widescale sanction relief on Iran.

“The administration is also overlooking or plainly ignoring the Maximum Pressure policy enacted by Trump,” the outlet reported, “which imposed 1,600 sanctions on the hostile regime that were far more effective in keeping nuclear armament at bay than the JCPOA, the author argues. Iran has also refused to let the International Atomic Energy Agency investigate its possible secret nuclear sites. Despite the dishonesty and lack of transparency, the administration has not let that hinder negotiations.”

As the Biden administration is still attempting to negotiate with Iran for a nuclear agreement similar to the one crafted by Obama in 2015, the country is reportedly funneling money into its military and terrorist proxies with money funded by its illicit oil sales. While the administration claims to be imposing oil sanctions on Iran, Iran is allowed to continue to profit from illicit oil sales from a loosened policy implemented by Biden who wants to secure a deal.

“There is no reason for Iran to scale back these activities,” a watchdog, United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) wrote. “Iran’s proxies and military—let alone its nuclear and ballistic missile program—directly benefit from sanctions relief.”