Biden’s Lack Of Activity On Weed Is Causing Democrat Infighting

( Last week, six radical Democrat senators criticized the Biden administration for its “extraordinarily disappointing” response to their request that marijuana be removed from Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act, the category of drugs that have no medical use.

After waiting six months for a response from the Justice Department, all the senators received was a half-page letter stating that the Department of Health and Human Services does not recognize marijuana as a safe treatment for any illness or disease.

Angry at the response, the six senators penned a letter last week to President Biden, claiming that cannabis is “widely accepted” as having medical benefits according to “medical and scientific communities both here and across the globe.”

The letter, signed by Senators Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, Ed Markey, Ron Wyden, and Bernie Sanders, argued that the THC and CBD found in marijuana “make it an excellent alternative to highly addictive opiates for pain relief.”

During the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden pledged to decriminalize marijuana and expunge past marijuana-related convictions. But thus far, his administration’s lack of follow-through has frustrated the far-Left base of the Democrat Party who apparently thought Biden’s campaign promises were worth something.

The reason they’re asking the Executive Branch to legislate on their behalf is that legislation decriminalizing marijuana has gone nowhere in the Senate. And when Democrat lawmakers can’t get laws passed by the Legislative Branch, they ask the Executive Branch to legislate for them.

In April, the House voted 220 to 204 to decriminalize marijuana on the federal level. Since then, the legislation has stalled in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

The six senators also asked the president to issue pardons for anyone convicted of nonviolent offenses related to marijuana. They claimed that thousands of Americans have been deprived of the ability to use marijuana for medical “or other purposes” because the Biden administration has failed to “coordinate a timely review of its cannabis policy.”