Biden’s Deputies Urge Children To Demand Transgender Status

( The Biden Administration capped off Pride Month by joining with “transgender” activists to encourage children to become activists against “anti-transgender discrimination.”

In a video on “Transgender Equality” produced by the White House, Administration officials from radical anti-police Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Kirsten Clarke to Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona to Assistant Secretary for Health at HHS Richard Levine, the man who calls himself Rachel.

President Biden does not appear in the video, no doubt because the White House comms team knew he would put his foot in his mouth.

Kristen Clarke encouraged children to contact the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ if they or someone they know is “suffering from anti-transgender discrimination.”

Education Secretary Cardona assured them that the Department of Education is on their side and has their back. Which is a switch since Biden’s Education Department ordinarily is on the side and has the back of teachers unions.

Richard Levine, the man who calls himself Rachel, gushed about how “brave” these children are and especially wanted them to know that Joe Biden “has your backs.” Rather than support and advocate for “health” as the Assistant Secretary for Health should do, Richard vowed that he would “support and advocate for our community.”

Then the activists weighed in. Unsurprisingly, they all had only good things to say about the so-called “transgender community.” None of them pointed out the medical and psychological risks common among those pushed to “transition.”

The vast majority of Americans stringently oppose allowing children to undergo medical and surgical sex change. 62% of Americans oppose permitting biological boys to participate in girls’ sports.

Then again, the vast majority of Americans want our border secure. So it shouldn’t come as a shock that the White House is so deeply out of step with the vast majority of the American people.

Not everyone was delighted by the Biden Administration’s loving embrace of what amounts to child abuse.

One feminist summed up this clown show video by saying that the President and his Administration are campaigning to turn children into activists defined entirely on gender confusion “at a time when people’s psyches are fragile because they’re in adolescence,” adding that the White House is encouraging these kids by saying “Come out as this, and someone will make you famous.”

It’s as if the Oberlin Student Council took over the White House.