Biden’s Booster Shot Was Taken in Front of a Set

( On Monday, after making remarks about his COVID booster shot plan, President Biden sat down in front of a faux set depicting a wall with windows looking out onto the White House grounds, and received his booster shot.

When a “behind the scenes” photo was released showing that the President was receiving his booster shot in front of what amounted to a set piece, social media exploded in mockery and derision over the phony president and his phony “Made-for-TV” set.

The response to this picture was entirely predictable. Is nothing about this administration real?

Who on earth decided to create this faux backdrop, and why would they use it as a stage set for Biden’s Booster Photo Op?

When Americans already think Biden is only pretending to be President on TV, the decision to stage a photo op in front of a false wall made to look like a room with windows looking out at the White House is utterly tone deaf to say the least.

Naturally, after the false wall photo went viral on social media, several “fact-check” sites felt it necessary to rush to the White House’s defense.

Politifact posted a fact-check with the headline “No, White House didn’t create fake set just for Joe Biden’s booster shot.”

But most of the people weren’t claiming it was created just for his booster shot photo op. Politifact was fact-checking a straw man.

People were mocking the White House for being phony.

Politifact explained that this set piece used for his booster shot photo op had been used five times before – as if that somehow makes it less ridiculous. When the joke is how fake this administration is, explaining that they used this set piece numerous times pretty much confirms that this administration is fake.

Funny how Politifact fails to realize that, rather than debunking the mockery, they’re confirming that people have ample reason to mock this.

Politifact explains that the mockery is “false” because the White House never intended to mislead the American people when they planted old Grandpa Joe in front of a faux wall.

Nonetheless, Facebook began flagging these posts mocking Biden for his little stage set as “false news and misinformation.”