Biden to direct nursing homes to have staffers vaccinated to continue to get Medicare and Medicaid

( President Joe Biden is continuing his campaign to pressure Americans into taking the experimental COVID-19 vaccine, with reports suggesting that the White House is preparing to tell American nursing homes that if they don’t require their staff to be vaccinated, then they may be cut off from receiving Medicaid and Medicare funding.

It’s a literal threat – and a form of blackmail – and will likely have more of an impact in Republican-leaning states.

Isn’t that playing politics with the virus?

CNN cited conversations with administration officials earlier in the week and reported that Biden will announce the change in policy on Wednesday. And that’s what happened.

Biden announced on Wednesday that staff must be vaccinated in order for nursing facilities to continue to receive federal funding, meaning that patients who rely on those brave workers – who worked right throughout the pandemic without a vaccine – could lose out on important care and funding if the staff choose to exercise their right not to take the experimental vaccine against their will.

Biden said that anybody who works, lives, or visits a nursing home will be required to take the vaccine.

He will implement the mandate as part of a new regulation that will be issued by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and could ultimately end up requiring American citizens to receive the vaccine before entering care homes.

Just think how many Americans could find themselves denied access to a care home, where an elderly relative may be dying.

In what universe is this ethical?

Incredible, the president of the American Health care Association, Mark Parkinson, praised Biden for making the decision but called on him to go even further, saying that the rule should be applied to all healthcare settings.

Do you think these people realize that they are becoming monsters?