Biden To Avoid “Western Plot” Charges By Keeping Quiet About China

( Democratic chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee said that the Biden administration is trying to avoid having China say that the anti-lockdown protestors are part of a “Western plot,” according to Summit News. Mark Warner appeared on CNN to say that this is why the administration is keeping quiet about what is going on in the communist country.

Werner said that if the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) can depict the uprisings as a “Western plot,” then this would undermine “the very protesters that we’re trying to stand with.”

He continued to say that the Senate has more flexibility in calling out China, but that ultimately the administration needs to be careful so as not to feed into China’s propaganda machine.

His comments come as the White House said they are not “taking a side” in the conflict, where Chinese citizens are now rebelling against the regime after it instituted its “Zero-COVID” policy that included locking people in their homes and exterminating their household pets.

The lockdown of millions of people has reportedly led to widespread hunger, medicine shortages, and feelings of social isolation. Those living in Shanghai are struggling to buy food as online grocers are often sold out, according to the Associated Press.

Republicans, contrary to Democrats, are reportedly calling for the president to stand with anti-lockdown protestors. Senator Tom Cotton said that these protests are not just on college campuses but that “These Chinese are protesting the world’s most powerful, dangerous, techno-totalitarian government.”

Cotton suggested that the president explicitly warn China to prevent another Tiananmen Square Massacre. He recommended that the president should say that if there is another massacre where the CCP uses force against its people there will be “massive consequences.”

Exiled Chinese dissident Xi Van Fleet reportedly told Fox News that the protests are not only about COVID but about the opposition to communism.

We’re witnessing a watershed moment,” Van Fleet said, noting that the Chinese have put up with 75 years of government abuse which was pushed to its breaking point in the last three years of Xi Jinping’s Zero-COVID policies.