Biden Struggles On Camera, “Not Sure” What He’s doing

( In case you missed it, we have some pretty shocking footage of President Joe Biden taken on Wednesday which shows him getting confused, walking around a set designed to look like the White House, and then taking a fourth COVID-19 booster shot that scientists can’t even agree is a good idea for anybody.

The president, who didn’t look like he knew where he was, also attempted to read from a teleprompter and explain how there will be a new “one-stop shop” for people looking for free vaccines, booster shots, at-home tests, and high-quality masks.

Yeah, at the end of a pandemic, the president has decided to give away masks and tests for free. And is now promoting a fourth booster shot that some scientists say could significantly weaken your immune system and make the body less likely to naturally defend itself against the COVID-19 virus.

“Today I’m announcing the launch of,” Biden said, adding that anybody can go o the website to learn more about the virus and to get free masks and shots.

Biden gave the short speech before he went to get his fourth shot, which was all filmed and aired on television, but for some reason told the crowd that he was about to take his second shot.

“Now I’m going to get my second booster shot,” he said, before adding that he is “not sure why I’m doing it on stage.”

He’s not sure?

Does this president know anything? Does he know where he is? Does he know he’s president?