Biden Shows Up To Funeral In Motorcade While Other World Leaders Took A Bus

( While other international leaders and foreign royalty came to Queen Elizabeth II’s burial on buses, U.S. President Joe Biden did so in a large motorcade.

Joe Biden, who is reputed to be a fervent climate change crusader, rode in a big convoy to the Queen’s burial on Monday, despite the British government having instructed all foreign dignitaries to leave their private vehicles and helicopters at home for the occasion.

With British officials experiencing unprecedented logistical difficulties, foreign royalty was even made to take the bus to the Queen’s burial, making Biden the only prominent person to have insisted on a dispensation to defy the restriction on private cars for the ceremony.

With the commander-in-chief’s motorcade including various automobiles, 4x4s, and motorbikes in addition to his custom-made limousine, the President’s decision to travel in his gas-guzzling armored car stands in striking contrast to his climate goals.

The “Beast” vehicle, which weighs an estimated ten tons and is built to withstand small-arms fire and explosives, protects the American president from would-be assassins.

However, such security comes at a price since the car is considered an eco-monstrosity that can barely achieve 8 miles per American gallon.

This is in contrast to the nearly 40 miles per gallon that some of the most popular SUVs in the UK can achieve. This tremendously infuriates British climate alarmists, who have even gone as far as to vandalize certain SUVs to minimize the number of vehicles on the road.

The British government, which has been fixated on net-zero green agenda measures in recent years, has been spared embarrassment by the ban on private automobiles, but the embargo has been justified regarding the logistical problems a plethora of personal vehicles would cause for the event.

These worries seem justified because the American president apparently got caught in rush-hour traffic in London on the way to the ceremony.

Much to the amusement of unaware commuters, the President’s motorcade unexpectedly came to a complete stop in front of a London cafĂ©.

The President’s car then slowly began to move through the congested streets of London as British police officers frantically attempted to keep people away from it.