Biden Shared Anti-Hillary Clinton Documents With Aides And Family In 2016

( You know those rumors that failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton could be considering another presidential run in 2024? And how such a move would seriously hurt President Joe Biden in the event that he chooses to run for a second term?

Well, it turns out that there could be bad blood between the two high-profile Democrats. According to a report from the New York Post, Joe Biden sent an article about Hillary Clinton during her 2016 campaign race that analyzed her many legal battles.

An email that was obtained from the famous Hunter Biden laptop, which was abandoned by the former vice president’s son at a computer repair store. In it, Biden sent an article published by Real Clear Politics that critiqued Clinton. His email subject line read “Interesting.”

In the piece, which was an opinion column, University of Chicago politics professor Charles Lipson claimed that Hillary Clinton was facing a “treacherous bridge to cross” over the investigation into her private email server.

You can see a screenshot of the email here.

In the column, the politics professor also predicted that James Comey – then the director of the FBI – would recommend prosecution over the matter and that it would put both the White House and the Department of Justice in a “very tight box.”

When Biden sent the email, he was still the vice president and had announced just four months before that he wouldn’t be running for office. He said that he couldn’t take on the burden of a campaign as his family was still grieving the loss of his eldest son, Beau Biden.

Do Biden and Clinton not get along? Could that be why Clinton is reportedly considering another run?

Presumably she has also learned from Biden’s victory and knows that her only path to victory is loosening election security laws and mailing out millions of ballots based on outdated voter rolls…