Biden Says Putin Violated International Law

( Two weeks ago, President Biden meandered to New York City to address the United Nations General Assembly where he accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of violating the United Nations international charter by waging war in Ukraine.

Reading the speech loaded into his teleprompter, Grandpa scoffed at Putin’s claim that Russia had been threatened by Ukraine.

He said that Russia wanted to extinguish Ukraine’s “right to exist as a state” and as a people.

Biden demanded that the world not stand idly by while Ukraine’s sovereignty is threatened and boasted that the United States “stood with Ukraine.” He said the US does want the war to end, but only “on terms we all signed up for,” namely, that a country cannot “seize a nation’s territory by force.”

Biden reiterated his support for Ukraine, vowing that “we” will “stand in solidarity against Russia’s aggression. Period.”

If only Joe was that forceful about standing up for America’s sovereignty.

Undeterred by Biden’s bravado, last week during a ceremony in the Kremlin, Putin officially annexed the southern and eastern regions of Ukraine into Russia.

In his address before the official annexation, Putin vowed to lead the fight against Western hegemony and again hinted that Russia would respond with any means at its disposal if the West threatens his country.

In response to Putin’s speech, Biden told White House reporters that the United States would “defend every single inch of NATO territory.”