Biden Regime Calls For All Text Messages To Be Censored That Say Things They Don’t Like

( Seemingly not content with having total control over what can be said on social media, the Biden administration is now calling on SMS carriers to “fact check” any text messages sent in private message exchanges about COVID-19.

A report from Politico revealed how Biden-supporting organizations, including the Democratic National Committee, are planning to work with so-called “fact checkers” to work with phone carriers to intercept text messages and “correct” people who make claims that Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Centers for Disease Control don’t believe are correct.

Politico added that the text message interception, which would require the mass monitoring of messages sent by millions of American citizens, will be an effort to remove barriers that prevent people from taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

Do you think America’s public health officials have ever stopped to think about the damaging impact that their constant lies about COVID-19 had on the trust regular Americans place in the vaccine?

Kevin Munoz, a spokesman for the White House, appeared to defend the invasive and extremist policy proposal by describing how the Biden administration is “steadfastly committed” to “keeping politics out” of the effort to get all Americans vaccinated.

What isn’t political about interjecting personal conversations, reading private messages, and making political statements to correct people who don’t believe the Democrat narrative?

Munoz said that any “deliberate efforts to spread misinformation” is a danger to the country’s public health, and said that the White House will not “shy away” from calling it out.

If the Democrats are willing to read our private messages and correct us, what next?

This sets a dangerous precedent that could ultimately give power to the White House to correct “misinformation” in an election season. Who would be surprised at this point if the Biden administration used powers like this to “correct” people about Democrat candidates in the future?