Biden Questions Nikki Haley’s Brains And She HITS BACK

( – Joe Biden is not exactly in the best position to start questioning anyone’s mental capacity. However, that’s exactly what he did during his campaign efforts in South Carolina.

The former vice president, who recently made a number of mistakes during speeches that have led people to question his general health, accused former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley of not having “brains.” Biden’s comment was directed towards Haley for her lack of support of expanding Medicaid, an issue that he hopes to use to woo potential voters in South Carolina.

Jamie Lovegrove, a journalist from the Post and Courier, wrote:

“Biden has started criticizing @NikkiHaley more directly in South Carolina recently for declining to expand Medicaid here. In Georgetown, he appears to start saying she ‘didn’t have the brains’ before stopping himself and changing it to ‘foresight’ because he wants to ‘be polite.’”

Lovegrove also wrote on Twitter that Biden explained that he was “a little emotional” that morning after thinking about Jim Clyburn’s late wife.

Nikki Haley, not usually one to back down, responded as soon as she heard about the comments.

“Hold up Joe,” she wrote. “I will put my brain up against yours anytime. Bring it.”

Her message was accompanied by the hashtag #GodBlessJoe.

Joe Biden’s most recent gaffe was the suggestion that 150 million people (roughly half the population of the United States) had been shot dead. Biden was attempting to make the point that too many people are falling victim to gun crime but failed to find the right number.

In the past, Biden has even referred to then-British Prime Minister Theresa May as Margaret Thatcher.