Biden Proposes $6 Trillion Budget In Highest Spending Level Since WWII

( President Joe Biden could be about to make the United States spend the most money since the time of the Second World War, with an insane $6 trillion budget revealed on Friday that could come into effect next year.

The New York Times first obtained the documents about the insane plan, and on Friday, the president confirmed the leaks by announcing the $6 trillion budget that will start on October 1. It’s part of a plan to completely transform the United States, building not just on American infrastructure but no doubt funding a number of far-left, woke social projects along the way too.

The proposal is not just an effort to put himself in the history books, but a middle finger to former President Donald Trump who successfully revitalized the American economy and put more people into work than ever before without raising taxes and without new regulation. President Biden can’t do it the way Trump did it, given that he repeatedly claimed Trump was doing the wrong thing, and so he’s following the old, flawed method of spending into prosperity.

When has that ever worked?

The plan would allow for $1.5 trillion in a discretionary budget, used to fund education, the Centers for Disease Control, and the Inland Revenue Service. A further $2.3 trillion would go towards his “American Jobs Plan,” which the president has so far failed to prove would generate any meaningful increase in American jobs.

Why can’t he just do what Trump did and let businesses thrive?

Another $1.8 trillion would go towards the American Families Plan, which would offer two free years of community college.

The plan is pretty terrifying. It will be paid for by dramatic increases in taxation. It will not only force American families to pay more in tax, but it could see businesses leaving the United States for countries with lower taxes rates, and worsen the already significant problem of inflation caused by Biden’s economic policies.

The total spending under the proposal will actually reach $8.2 trillion by 2031…assuming that the Democrats pass their radical election reform bill, H.R.1., which will make it easier for them to keep the White House and the Senate long enough to pass this extreme legislation.

Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell issued a statement slamming the plans, warning that President Biden would drown American families in debt and force Americans to pay more for goods and services.

Biden could make the American economy so terrible that American families will want to leave the country along with the businesses that employ them…