Biden Press Secretary Fails To Answer “Orwellian” Question During ABC Interview

( Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary for the White House, made a number of blunders on Sunday when she was questioned by Jon Karl, the host of “This Week” about the “Orwellian” nature of the Inflation Reduction Act.

Karl explained to Jean-Pierre that an ABC News/Ipsos poll conducted at the beginning of August found that only 37% of Americans approve of President Joe Biden’s handling of the economy. Karl then asked Jean-Pierre why many Americans disapprove of the president if things are getting better with inflation.

Jean-Pierre did not have an answer for Karl. Jean-Pierre argued that the White House is conscious of the emotions the American people are experiencing. She then went on to give examples of how the president has partly aided in the quest to reduce inflation difficulties, using the introduction of the Inflation Reduction Act as an example.

Karl then said he wanted to ask her about the act’s name. He noted that it’s dubbed the “Inflation Reduction Act,” although the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) predicted that it would have a negligible influence on inflation this year and nearly no impact on inflation at all next year.

Karl remarked, “Isn’t it almost Orwellian?”

He asked pointedly, how can you name it the “Inflation Reduction Act” when nonpartisan experts agree it is not going to —”

Jean-Pierre interrupted Karl before he could finish the inquiry by saying she appreciated the question.

She said they had discussed this, and the CBO estimates that… “It was the top line number that demonstrates, uh, that it will have the money from — remember how we’re doing this too, it’s making sure that billionaires in corporate America are paying their fair part.”

She was floundering.

“Making sure that the tax system is a little bit more equitable,” she said, “so when you do that, when you put it in its fullness, you will see that it will, it will bring down, lower, the deficit, which will help battle inflation.”

Karl questioned whether or whether this indicated that Jean-Pierre disagreed with the assertions made by the CBO; however, she continued talking over him, which resulted in his inquiry being omitted from the program. Analyses conducted by other organizations, such as the University of Pennsylvania Penn Wharton Budget Model, have likewise concluded that the act will not have any meaningful impact on prices.