Biden Pathetically BEGS Putin To Look Into Cyberattacks

( Back in June when President Biden met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, CNN anchor (and former Obama Administration alum) Jim Sciutto gushed over the Biden/Putin first handshake claiming that Joe Biden projected strength.

That statement did not age at all well.

Last Friday, Joe Biden was on the phone with Vladimir Putin begging him to do something about the cyberattacks that just keep happening.

This, despite the fact that “projecting strength” Biden handed his pal Vlad a list of sixteen US sectors that were off-limits to Russian hackers during their Geneva summit.

After his call, Biden told the press that he made it “very clear” to Putin what the US expects. And what Biden claims he expects from Putin is if ransomware attacks come from Russian soil, whether it is state sponsored or not, Biden expects Putin to act “if we give them enough information to act on who that is.”

A reporter asked Biden if there would be consequences for Russia if Putin fails to do what Joe demands. Biden’s answer was a terse “Yes.”

But will there be consequences? Other than handing Putin another list of things that are off limits, what kind of consequences specifically are on the table? No reporter asked.

But, the President did explain that now the US and Russia have established a “means of communication” so they can talk to each other “on a regular basis” “when each of us thinks something’s happening in the other country that affects the home country.”

Wasn’t there already a means of communication to do that? Something called a telephone?

Overall, President Biden thinks his newfangled phone call with Putin went well. “I’m optimistic,” Biden told reporters.

Meanwhile, the ransomware gang REvil is demanding $70 million in cryptocurrency to unlock the data it stole from countless medium and small-size businesses across a dozen countries including the US just before the July 4 holiday weekend.

This massive attack happened after President Biden gave Putin his list of off-limits sectors.

But don’t worry. President Biden is “optimistic” that Friday’s phone call will make a difference.

At least until the next ransomware attack happens.