Biden Officials Block Travel To Certain Countries Over “Fears”

( On Friday the Department of Homeland Security announced that due to concerns over the Delta variant, the US is extending the closure of its borders with both Canada and Mexico to “nonessential” travel until at least September 21.

Does this mean the flood of illegals crossing the US southern border is considered “essential” travel?

Homeland Security plans to continue working with public health officials and medical “experts” both in the US and internationally in order to determine how to “safely and sustainably resume normal travel.”

The closure of nonessential travel across our borders went in place in March 2020, and has been extended every month since.

Meanwhile on August 9, Canada opened its border to US citizens and permanent residents provided the travelers have been fully vaccinated. However, Canadians have been unable to cross into the US except for what has been deemed an “essential” purpose for nearly a year and a half.

The ongoing restrictions on travel into the US have caused backlash from the travel and tourism industry, as well as from US allies who are already permitting vaccinated Americans to travel to their countries.

It has also sparked criticism among those who can’t help but notice the blatant inconsistency between legitimate travel into the US and the ever-worsening crush of illegals who are permitted to pour over our border unfettered.

Back in June the Biden administration formed working groups with Canada, Mexico, the European Union and the United Kingdom to determine when to lift international travel restrictions put in place due to COVID. However, nothing has yet come from that effort, and the Biden administration refuses to say when it plans to loosen restrictions on international travel into the US.

During his meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in July, President Biden teased that he would be giving an update on lifting the travel restrictions into the US from Europe “in the next several days.”

But like most of his statements, this turned out to be a head-fake. Two weeks later, the only update provided was the White House would keep the travel restrictions in place “for the time being.”