Biden Nominates Jeff Flake For Ambassador To Turkey

( The White House announced on Tuesday that President Joe Biden has officially nominated former Republican Senator for Arizona, Jeff Flake, to be the new ambassador for Turkey.

And before you go thinking this is some kind of incredible attempt at promoting bipartisanship, it’s not. Senator Flake is notoriously anti-Trump. And Biden knows it.

In a Medium post, former Senator Flake said that he is “honored and humbled” by the trust President Biden has placed in him. He expressed the “strategic importance” of maintaining a good relationship with Turkey, and described the position as a “pivotal post” during an important time for the two countries.

Presumably he knows that he’s just being rewarded by President Biden for opposing President Trump, right? This isn’t really about bipartisanship but just one element in a wider campaign to normalize the hatred and smearing of former President Trump.

If it’s not, then why is President Biden only appointing anti-Trump Republicans to position like this?

President Joe Biden recently met with the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, during June’s NATO summit. The president said that they both had a “positive and productive” meeting but not much else was said.

Turkey has reportedly offered to assist the United States in securing the Kabul airport in Afghanistan as Biden continues to withdraw American troops from the country. So far, the planned withdrawal hasn’t gone so well, with the Bagram airbase being ransacked by looters within just hours after the U.S. troops left. Millions of dollars of equipment were abandoned at the facility under Biden’s orders, and local Afghan officials struggled to keep the base under control, criticizing the U.S. withdrawal as badly planned.

The United State and Turkey, however, are still in conflict over Turkey’s S-400 Russian-made missile defense system.

Flake has a big job on his hands, but first needs to be confirmed in Congress. The Senate, where he previously served for six years, will either confirm or deny his nomination…and you would probably be right to assume that many pro-Trump Senators aren’t going to give him their support.