Biden Neglects D-Day, Ignores It

( When running for President in 2020, Joe Biden tweeted a Memorial Day message to members of the military that concluded with “this I can promise you; we will never forget.” And on the 77th anniversary of D-Day, Joe Biden broke that promise.

On Sunday June 6, President Joe Biden said nothing, not one thing, to commemorate or honor the anniversary of D-Day.

Instead of remembering the brave men who fought and died in the Normandy invasion, Biden continued to flog America’s systemic racism – tweeting out a White House video of his meeting with survivors of the Tulsa Massacre.

“In silence, wounds deepen” tweeted the man who remained silent about D-Day.

“Only in remembrance can wounds heal” tweeted the man who completely forgot to remember D-Day.

Even Vice President Harris, who often skips the traditional salute while boarding Air Force Two and completely omitted any mention of Memorial Day in her “Enjoy the long weekend” tweet, remembered to say something about D-Day on June 6.

When asked on Monday why Biden didn’t recognized the historic day, Press Secretary Jen Psaki defended her boss saying he has spoken many times in the past about D-Day, adding “it’s close to his heart.”

So close to his heart, it was unable to escape and be heard on D-Day itself.

Over the weekend, a source within Homeland Security told Fox News that both active service members and veterans were deeply upset that the President of the United States failed to even acknowledge D-Day’s 77th Anniversary. The source criticized Biden’s focus on the Tulsa massacre to the exclusion of D-Day saying it “underscored” the Administration’s priorities.

During the Presidential election, candidate Biden made hay over the since-debunked report that during a 2018 visit to France, President Trump called those Americans who died in WWI “suckers” and “losers.” Even after the claim was thoroughly debunked, Biden continued to bring it up as proof that Trump didn’t care about the military — vowing that, unlike Trump, he would never disrespect those who pay the ultimate sacrifice in duty to the country.

Biden’s silence on D-Day belies that vow.