Biden Makes Crucifix Gesture In Front Of Israel PM

Joe Biden has never been confused with a Rhodes Scholar, even though he’s likely to tell you he is. He may even claim to have been Pope for a time; one never knows when it comes to the serial exaggerator and liar.

The 80-year-old Roman Catholic president, Biden, gestured with his right hand, touching his forehead, stomach, and left and right breast area, giving the Jewish leader the sign of the cross.

Netanyahu had remarked that he and Biden had been pals for almost 40 years,” which may have prompted Biden to make the sign of the cross as a joke about his age. But that is affording Biden, considering his multitude of blunders, too much grace.

The president did not explain his gesture, and the White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Making the sign of the cross over oneself as a form of self-blessing during prayer has its roots in early Christianity.

Netanyahu, a conservative politician who was friendly with former President Trump, and Biden did not get along well despite his remark about being buddies. Biden has been a vocal opponent of Netanyahu’s plans to limit judicial review of Israeli government activities.

On Wednesday, President Biden and Prime Minister Netanyahu intended to help establish diplomatic ties between Saudi Arabia and Israel.

During Trump’s final year in office, several Muslim-majority countries established diplomatic relations with Israel thanks to US diplomacy. These countries include Kosovo, Bahrain, Sudan, Morocco, and the United Arab Emirates.

Since the former President left office, the Saudi government has done business with Trump, who is seeking a rematch against Biden and his family. This includes a $2 billion investment with the company of ex-first son-in-law Jared Kushner.

At least four tournaments have been held on Trump’s golf clubs in Bedminster, New Jersey, and the Washington, DC, area, all arranged by LIV Golf with funding from the Saudi Public Investment Fund.