Biden Leaves Stage In Coughing Fit

( Last Friday while delivering a speech from a hospital in East Jerusalem, President Joe Biden’s self-centered tale of woe about his first wife’s car crash didn’t go as planned after old Joe suffered a coughing fit.

Sure, Joe blamed it on swallowing wrong, but maybe it was God’s way of telling him to stop making everything about his personal tragedies.

If that’s the case, the message didn’t get through.

After parading around his dead wife and daughter, Biden prattled on about his experience in the hospital while undergoing surgeries following his two brain aneurysms.

And then, big surprise, Joe shifted his tales of personal tragedy to his favorite subject: the death of his son Beau.

He prattled on about Beau sleeping 150 yards from a burn pit when he was stationed in Iraq and that’s why he had brain cancer. Then he launched off on a tangent about his “moonshot” plan to cure cancer.

After meandering for a while longer, Biden wrapped up his speech and said he would take a question from a woman in the audience if she was going to ask him about hospitals.

She didn’t ask him about hospitals. Instead, she said something about voting for old Joe and demanded “more justice and more dignity” for the Palestinian people.

Rather than respond, Joe said his thanks and attempted to find his way out of the room: