Biden Lashes Out At Trump Over Documents Spilled And Released By FBI

( U.S. President Joe Biden discussed his response to learning that the FBI had searched former President Donald Trump’s office and that sensitive documents had been discovered during an interview with 60 Minutes.

The FBI executed the raid on Monday, August 8, and this action underlined an increase in the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) numerous investigations into Trump’s affairs.

Right-wingers criticized the search heavily and charged the Biden administration with abusing its power. Merrick Garland, the Attorney General of the DOJ, is a Biden appointee, but Christopher Wray, the FBI director, is a Trump pick.

Biden admitted that he was unaware of the raid before it took place in an interview with Scott Pelley for 60 Minutes that aired on Sunday night.

He also stated that he had not been informed of the substance of the documents discovered but claimed that his administration is probably aware of the secrets they contain.

Pelley asked Biden if he received a briefing on the top secret materials discovered at Mar-a-Lago. He asked Biden if anyone had alerted him about the possibility of national security secrets being disclosed due to Trump’s storage of the documents, to which Biden said, “No.”

“I have not personally spoken to anyone in that respect,” Biden retorted.

He said his administration and the National Security Council were both aware of it, but he was not.

Biden was also questioned over a photo released by the DOJ that showed numerous secret documents sprawled out on the floor at Trump’s residence.

Biden remarked that when he saw that image, he thought, “how could that possibly happen?”

He said he pondered how someone could be so careless and what information might be present that might jeopardize sources and methodologies. He said that he meant the names of those who assisted. “Simply put,” he said,” it was utterly reckless.”

On numerous occasions, Trump has criticized the FBI’s handling of confidential data and the home invasion.

The same day, in another social media post, Trump charged that the FBI had staged the image of the top-secret papers being “sloppily flung on the floor” and was “extremely misleading.”