Biden is Reportedly “Hiding” His Student Loan Forgiveness Stunt

( While there are plenty of finely honed tweets from Biden promoting the stories of Americans who claim to have benefited from the White House’s unilateral student loan debt relief plan, these same boasts and tales are curiously absent from Biden’s speeches.
On social media, where many young people with student loan debt have cornered the debate and supported the decision, there are numerous accounts of Americans who claim they can now afford their first home or finally feel financially stable enough to start a family. However, Biden has refrained from touting one of his alleged most significant victories during a recent flurry of public campaign-style speeches.
President Biden did not bring up his student loan giveaway in his last four speeches, raising concerns about whether most American voters support the White House initiative.

Biden’s student loan debt forgiveness would burden the typical American taxpayer with up to $20,000 in Pell Grant recipients’ school debt and $10,000 in student debt for low- to middle-income households. According to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, Americans could be out $600 billion due to the transfer.

The student loan distribution initially appeared to be a victory for the Democratic Party, but Biden has skirted the topic in his previous four speeches intended to energize the Democratic base ahead of the crucial months leading up to the 2022 midterm elections.

While some young people who will immediately benefit from the funding may increase support for Democrats due to the plan, it has been attacked as a handout for the professional class and unjust to all others who have previously repaid loans. Voters over 50, who will not immediately profit from the distribution, may contest the action’s fairness and constitutionality.

According to the Institute for Democracy and Higher Education, college students participated in the presidential election at a record-breaking high rate of 66%, up 14% from the previous election.
Biden has focused his midterm message on “extreme MAGA Republicans,” claiming they are a “threat to the democracy.” This rhetoric was mentioned in his speeches from the past week and indicated a new midterm strategy from the Democrats. Republicans have essentially been running on issues of inflation and the tanking economy.