Biden Is Blaming Trump While Using Trump’s Biggest Policies

( The Biden administration has been placing a lot of blame for the way things are in this country on the party that preceded them in the White House.

At least in one area, doing so is proving to be quite hypocritical, since they are employing some of the same methods that the Trump administration did.

The United States is experiencing historical surges in illegal crossings at the southern border. The Department of Homeland Security has had approximately 1 million encounters with illegal immigrants at the southern border under President Joe Biden.

A policy that former President Donald Trump instituted, known as Title 42, has been a great tool for the federal government to fight back against it. That policy has allowed the DHS to deport illegal immigrants ever since the pandemic started. The policy was first instituted as an emergency measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and it’s still in place.

The Biden administration has been trying to remove Title 42, hoping to allow it expire at the end of May. Many Republicans have been fighting against that, though, threatening to hold up additional COVID-19 relief funds unless a vote on the Title 42 amendment is held, too.

Publicly, the Biden administration is laying blame for the southern border crisis on the Trump administration. Yet, privately, they have been using it to their advantage.

Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary of DHS, recently wrote a 20-page plan for how the country would handle the crisis if Title 42 were to be lifted. The problem with that thinking, though, is that the border was secured when Mayorkas took over the DHS. It’s only not secure now, as the Biden administration has rolled back some of the protections and policies Trump put in place.

At the same time that DHS is coming up with a plan for post-Title 42, they also have stated they plan on “maximizing” Expedited Removal. That’s a separate policy that border officials use to remove illegal immigrants. The Trump administration expanded that policy, though the Biden administration suspended it last year.

Title 42 is becoming a hot-button issue, and support for it doesn’t just rest with the GOP. There are some Democrats who support keeping it in place, at least until a suitable replacement for it has been created.

But, perhaps the biggest problem with the way Democrats are approaching the surge in migrants is that Title 42 isn’t a preventative measure. It’s simply a tool the White House can use to quickly expel illegal immigrants once they’ve come into the country. It does nothing to prevent them from coming here in the first place.

So, what do the Democrats have up their sleeves to prevent the surge from happening — or to prevent the migrants from actually crossing illegally? To this point, it doesn’t seem like they have any plan at all.

I guess this is something we should all come to expect from Democrats, though. Blame the Trump administration for the current situation, but don’t come up with a reasonable fix for what they say is a problem.