Biden In Trouble As Trump Maintains Lead

A new poll by J.L. Partners and the Daily Mail shows that, despite Trump’s many legal problems, he is still ahead of Joe Biden in a 2024 battle.

Many leftwing pundits have warned that he gets more robust with each attack upon the former president. The polls are showing this theory to be correct.

The survey put Biden in second place with 36% support, four points behind Trump’s 40%. Running as an Independent, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. received 4% of the vote, while Cornel West received 1%. It does not seem that the politically orchestrated and coordinated indictments are harming Trump, contrary to what some had anticipated.

In addition, Trump seems to be benefiting from the left’s strategy to bounce him from the race. Biden was ahead of Trump in a head-to-head contest in the summer by a margin of two points. Currently, Trump has a three-point advantage against Biden in December.

Among independent voters, Trump continues to gain ground, with 42% of the vote compared to 40% for Biden. Among independent voters in June, Trump received 38% while Biden received 42%. Biden is plummeting while Trump is rising.

More bad news for Biden- the poll shows that his popularity among women is dwindling. Half of the women surveyed in June were in his camp. Since then, that number has fallen to 47%. Among female voters, however, Trump’s popularity has grown, rising from 39% in June to 41% in December.

Particularly among women aged 18–29, Biden has taken a beating; he also has poor excitement among Black people. According to James Johnson, co-founder of J.L. Partners, a significant portion of the 2020 Biden voter base is still on the fence. This group includes one out of ten people who may not be fond of Biden but cannot vote for Trump.

The results are announced just over a month before the Iowa caucuses on January 15. These caucuses will officially begin the GOP primary season. Trump is currently leading in all primary polls and continues to solidify his position as a frontrunner. He will likely face a rematch in November 2024 while dealing with ongoing legal issues.