Biden Goes Off Script Talking About Race

( President Biden spoke at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser at the Marriott Marquis Chicago on Wednesday night, hitting on familiar themes of his political career and sharing bitter memories of living before Brown v. Board of Education.

Biden discussed going to school during segregation, telling the audience that he remembers seeing the practice as a small boy in Delaware.

When asked how the civil rights movement influenced him, President Biden recounted his days as a third-grader at Holy Rosary Elementary School in Claymont, Delaware, and linked that experience to today’s voting rights politics:

He said he went from Scranton, Pennsylvania, with few African Americans, to Claymont, Delaware, which lies on the Pennsylvania state boundary, with more oil corporations and refineries than Houston, Texas.

He went to Holy Rosary, a small Catholic school where he was in third grade. And it was up a four-lane access road known as a Philadelphia pike. It was where it passed through Claymont, a little town. I-95 replaced it.

Biden recalls begging his mother if he could walk up because the streets he had to cross were too hazardous. His mother would drive him out of the apartment complex they had recently relocated to.

He recalls seeing this bus pass by every time I was dropped off in the parking lot. The youngsters on the bus were all black. They weren’t termed “Black kids” at the time; there were “negroes” on the bus.

Biden asked why. His mom said it was because they weren’t permitted to attend school. It was before Brown vs. the Board in Delaware.

Biden claimed his school was one of the schools in Brown vs. the Board in Delaware.

Biden claims he said to himself in third grade, “What the hell is going on?”

Biden says to consider where we are now and what we are fighting over.

“Today, there are more attempts to limit the ability to vote than in my whole political career. We were doing OK, I thought,” said Biden.

Biden was one of four presidential contenders who attended segregated schools as a child during the 2020 race, and he was one of the few to speak about it. During that campaign, the matter became a lightning rod when then-Senator Kamala Harris asked him about his previous views regarding bussing and desegregation during a debate.

As a senator, blowhard Joe Biden was against busing.

What the hell is going on here, indeed?