Biden Goes 100 Days Without Giving A Media Interview

( On Friday, President Joe Biden achieved a feat unprecedented in modern presidential history: he went 100 days without a sit-down interview with the press.

Media reporting shows that the President was last interviewed by the media on February 10th, when NBC’s Lester Holt chatted with him ahead of Super Bowl LVI. Biden has done news conferences and fielded, but mostly avoided, questions from individual reporters since then, but he has not given any lengthy interviews.

According to Republican National Committee spokesperson Emma Vaughn, the significant gap violates Biden’s claims to operate an open administration.

Vaughn remarked that Biden doesn’t care to answer for struggling Americans seeking solutions to the challenges he caused. Avoiding interviews as an achievement is simply another blunder in Biden’s lengthy record of failures.

Biden has undertaken fewer interviews than his predecessors, with only 23 since assuming office. President Donald Trump had done 95 interviews at this stage in his presidency, while President Barack Obama had done 187. That is more than eight times as many as Biden. According to statistics gathered by the White House Transitions Project, the current president has had fewer interviews than George W. Bush (60), Bill Clinton (64), George H.W. Bush (70), and Ronald Reagan (78).

Biden has been hounded by reports that members of his team are restricting him from speaking too freely throughout his first term. Biden has at times told reporters he’s “not supposed to answer all of these questions,” “I’m gonna get in trouble,” and even “They’re gonna yell at me for this.” A worker costumed as the Easter Bunny once escorted him away from reporters when he was asked a question about Afghanistan, according to media reports.

Biden is notorious for freely chatting when he’s not reading behind a teleprompter and has admitted to being a “gaffe machine.”
While Republicans routinely attack the president for his lack of access and question who is in command of his administration, some Democrats believe Biden should speak out more.
Democratic strategist Brad Bannon thinks that more interviews for the President would be advantageous because he needs to spread the word. Bannon explained in an interview that he believes it is apparent that the government needs to do a better job of communicating with the people.
For months, President Biden’s approval ratings have been clutching onto the low 40s, indicating that a large portion of the public does not trust the current White House leader, according to polling reports.
The media has noted when Biden deviates from the script; he frequently violates official talking points. In March, Biden referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin as a war criminal. It was one of many remarks eventually spun away by the White House, with then-press secretary Jen Psaki explaining that Biden was merely speaking from his heart.
You don’t have to be a mathematician to know that Biden plus speaking equals low public approval.