Biden Gets Disappointing 2024 Forecast

With the 2024 presidential election now less than a year away, most political activists, news outlets and their pundits, politicians, and even many ordinary people are beginning to focus heavily on the contest. In truth, the state of American culture is at its worst position arguably at any time since the American Civil War over 160 years ago. Political polarization, tension, and national divisions are heightened and intensified, and the country appears as if it is on the brink of chaos at nearly every level (domestically, internationally, fiscally, socially, and culturally). Following the 2016 presidential election in which Donald Trump achieved an upset victory over Hillary Clinton, the political situation in the country has quickly deteriorated.

Far-Left politicians and establishment Republicans on the right (who in reality are both in cahoots with one another and push the same agenda behind closed doors) have attacked and opposed Trump at every term, making the president’s life extremely difficult. He was impeached twice on very weak charges (an unprecedented action in American political history), and currently faces some four criminal indictments.

Enemies of Trump within the judiciary and the federal bureaucracy are trying everything to prevent him from being able to run for president once again- and an activist group associated with the incumbent President Joe Biden even successfully utilized the radical left majority on the Colorado state supreme court to prevent Trump from appearing on the state’s primary ballot (completely disregarding the 5th amendment and the constitution). As the political situation in America continues to worsen, recent poll numbers are poor for the incumbent President Joe Biden. Having led America into an economic mess, two new foreign conflicts, Biden has suffered at the polls. Additionally, millions of illegal migrants continue to enter the nation on an annual basis, and the president has done nothing to address the invasion. In a recent poll by MSNBC, Biden’s approval rating stood at 40%; 57% disapproved.