Biden Gets Angry With Reporters On Camera

( On Wednesday afternoon, Biden was “let out” for a short time to make statements on his ideas to cut energy prices.

According to Joe Biden’s announcement on Wednesday, the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve has released 15 million barrels of oil.

This is a political strategy to shore up Democrats before the November elections.

While he empties the SPR, Biden artificially lowers the price of gasoline.

A reporter questioned Biden, “What is your answer to Republicans who claim you are just putting out this SPR release to aid Democrats in the midterms?”

Where have they been for the last four months?” said an irate Biden. “That’s how I respond.”

But it’s Joe Biden who is unsure of his whereabouts during the previous four months. He can’t even exit a stage without getting lost.

The question to the perpetually bitter and cranky Biden was followed up by one from another reporter.

Is this politically driven, sir, this move before the midterms?” a reporter questioned Biden.

Biden was quite irritated by the query. “No, it’s not! Look, it makes sense! I’ve been doing this for how long now?” Biden bellowed.

Biden has reprimanded the country’s oil giants, saying that his message to the American energy firms is that you shouldn’t be utilizing your earnings to buy back shares or for dividends. Not now, not while war is in progress.

He said that these incredible revenues must be used to boost production and refining.

This raises several important concerns, but the most pertinent is this: Why would the president of the United States deplete the quantities of crude oil in the SPR if “a war is raging”? Sadly, nobody in the room had the foresight to raise this important question.

According to U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) figures, the SPR had more than 638 million barrels of oil when Biden took office. At the end of July, the level stood at around 468 million barrels after 11 months of Biden’s different withdrawal initiatives. It is now slightly over 400 million, dropping in the following weeks.

“Look, it makes sense! I’ve been doing this for how long now?” Biden asked.

Too long, Joe, too long. You make little sense.