Biden DOJ hurts Americans’ trust by ‘doing the bidding of the radical left,’ former official warns

( Gene Hamilton, a former Trump Justice Department official, said Attorney General Merrick Garland has undermined his promise to restore trust in the Department of Justice by “doing the bidding of the radical left.”

In a recent interview with Just the News’ John Solomon, Hamilton said despite Garland’s rhetoric about returning to “norms,” the DOJ has “betrayed the trust of the American people.”

The Biden Justice Department, Hamilton argued, has done the opposite of restoring norms by going completely to the left. He cited as examples the DOJ’s lawsuits against Georgia and Texas over voter ID laws as well as Merrick Garland’s October memo ordering federal law enforcement to target parents protesting school boards.

The memo against parents was of particular concern to Hamilton who noted that it was driven by political appointees for ideological reasons. Hamilton told Solomon that the memo didn’t go through the standard checks and balances in the DOJ. Instead, it was “precooked, prebaked.”

Hamilton said that type of memo never would have happened during the Trump administration, adding that if the Trump DOJ had tried it, there would have rightly been pushback, both from the media and from “every entity with an ounce of credibility.”

As part of his work in the Trump Justice Department, Hamilton was instrumental in crafting and defending Trump’s immigration and border policies, including Remain in Mexico and ending DACA. He told Solomon that the Biden administration is ignoring federal law by allowing millions of foreign nationals to enter the country illegally.

Hamilton warned that as long as Democrats have complete control of the White House and Congress, the only meaningful pushback against the radical left Biden Justice Department is going to be from the state attorneys general who have filed dozens of lawsuits challenging the administration.

He added that the DOJ’s losing record in these lawsuits is proof that “ideology has trumped neutral practice of the law” within the Justice Department.

But, Hamilton added, lawsuits alone won’t be enough. If and when Republicans retake Congress next year, they have to pursue aggressive oversight that “holds them accountable.”

Listen to Gene Hamilton’s interview HERE.