Biden Didn’t Sanction Russia’s Energy Sector

( Last week, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki revealed why the Biden administration has so far refused to implement any sanctions on the Russian energy sector.

Everyone knows the reason, of course. Without Russian oil, the already rapidly rising cost of gas and fuel in the United States would be rising even more quickly, and that would make Biden look worse.

But Psaki still had something to say about it:

“I mean, even if you look at the impact on the energy sector, you know, we have taken steps,” she said. ‘We have not taken some steps on energy sanctions in part because we weigh that.”


She said that energy sanctions aren’t “off the table” but insisted that Europeans are very concerned about a further price spike on gas.

…Europeans? Is she serious?

“Their prices have gone up 335 percent over the last three years, over the last year and 26 percent over the last five days. So sanctioning energy would affect Russia’s income stream, certainly that would be a reason to do it. But it would also have extreme consequences on the world energy markets, particularly for our allies in Europe,” she added.

Isn’t it incredible just how blatant they can be? Instead of admitting that Americans are suffering a massive rise in cost for fuel, food, and household goods, Psaki says it’s the Europeans who are stopping them from implementing more sanctions.

Here’s an idea – how about we start drilling for oil at home and stop relying on foreign dictators and war criminals for oil?

Watch the clip by clicking here.