Biden Campaign SECRETLY Apologizes to Extremist Linda Sarsour for Publicly Condemning Her

( Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden recently condemned extremist Muslim activist Linda Sarsour after she gave a speech at the Democratic National Convention. In her speech, the activist, who has received criticism for her anti-Semitic comments, claimed that the Democratic Party represented her views. Biden’s campaign, however, was forced to publicly distance themselves from her owing to her vicious hatred for the state of Israel.

It’s not clear whether the Biden campaign really does condemn her, though, as supports suggest that they backtracked and apologized to her in private.

On Sunday, the Middle East Eye reported that officials from the Biden campaign privately reached out to Sarsour and apologized to her on a call with other Muslim activists. The audio of the apology was leaked and leaked to the media outlet.

Ashley Allison, the coalitions director in the Biden campaign, reportedly said that she empathized with the “pain” that Biden caused to Muslims and Arabs by disavowing Sarsour.

“I am sorry that that happened,” she is heard saying on the leaked audio. “And I hope that whatever trust was broken, that this conversation is one small step to build back the trust, but that is not the last time we have this conversation.”

Seriously? If they were so concerned about the pain, why did they disavow her in the first place? This raises even more questions than that, though. If the Biden campaign disavowed Sarsour because they genuinely believe she is extreme, then the fact they are willing to capitulate and apologize is terrifying – and it means they know there is a population of people in America who sympathize with Sarsour’s extremist views.

It wasn’t just one apology, though. Foreign policy advisor for the Biden campaign, Tony Blinken, said that he acknowledged the “hurt and disappointment” and pledged that a Biden administration would be “genuinely inclusive.”

Oh, and Symone Sanders, a Biden spokesperson, did the same.

“That’s not how we do business… We are not in the business of condemning people and large swathes of the community, absolutely not,” she said.


So does Biden support Sarsour or not? This is a woman who was kicked out of the Women’s March leadership because she excluded pro-Israel Jewish women activist from the group. She’s even called for Jihad against President Trump.