Biden Asks Reporter If Americans Think He’s “Sucking The Blood Out Of Kids”

( President Joe Biden rarely makes very much sense, but on occasions, the things that he says make so little sense that you have to wonder whether the Democrats realize the extent to which his brain and cognitive abilities are deteriorating.

A day after the president took part in a town hall discussion with CNN in Cincinnati, Biden responded to a question from a journalist near Marine One. Biden got defensive over the idea that the Democrats might defund the police – a policy proposal put forward by a huge number of Democrats in the last election, and something Biden refused to rule out during his own reelection campaign.

“We are not defunding the police and have not,” Biden said.

When the president was asked whether there are people on his party that advocate defunding the police, Biden responded by asking whether there are people in the Republican Party who believe Democrats are “sucking the blood out of kids.”


Take a look:

It seems like Biden might have been given some weird information from one of his advisors, and that he could be referring to the Q movement – which is an extremely small group of people within the Republican Party, and a movement that is not represented by a single member of Congress. So it’s quite different than elected Democrats advocating the defunding of the police.

Does President Joe Biden really think that prominent Republicans believe he is sucking the blood out of children?

There is video footage of Biden doing weird things to children on stage, but certainly not sucking their blood.

It really makes you wonder just how low the Democrats are willing to stoop to smear Republicans as extremists.