Biden Approval Plummets 6 Points

( If you’ve been thinking that President Joe Biden isn’t doing a great job in the White House so far, then you’re not alone. A new survey by Monmouth just revealed that the president’s approval rating has dropped by six points over the last couple of months among registered voters.

The survey shows that the number of people who approve of the job Biden is doing has dropped from 54 percent in April to 48 percent in June.

It’s kind of hard to believe that his approval ratings were ever that high, but you know what polling companies are like…

Interestingly, the poll also showered that the number of people who said that they disapprove of the job Biden is doing increased from 41% in April to 43% in June, meaning there’s still a substantial number of people in America who just aren’t sure about the job the president is doing.

Either that’s a good way for polling companies to give the Biden camp a “way out” on this polling data, or people just don’t feel as though they’ve seen enough from the new president yet to make a fully informed decision about his performance.

What Biden should be most concerned about, however, is the fact that among Democrats, his popularity is slipping. The number of Democrats who said that they approve of his performance fell by nine percentage points, from 95% in April to 86% this month.

We should be looking to Biden’s approval ratings from next month to see how his recent disastrous G7 meetings and controversial discussions with Putin pan out in the court of public opinion. So far, the president has refused to reveal much in the way of details of his discussions with Putin and even refused to give a joint press conference with the Russian leader.

That’s hardly likely to go down well…