Biden Advisor Can’t Say If He Has Plan To Lower Gas Prices: “Challenging Situation”…

( Appearing on MSNBC, Biden’s advisor, Brian Deese, couldn’t say if Biden had a plan to lower gas prices.

Instead, Deese stated that the situation is difficult, that sticker shock is true, but that it is all Putin’s responsibility.

That excuse is not polling well, but they continue to trot it out.

Gas prices broke all-time highs this week, reaching $4.58 per gallon on Thursday, up 11 cents from the previous high of $4.47 per gallon on Monday.

With the summer driving season approaching, Americans are ready for rising gas costs, with little relief in sight, as analysts anticipate that gas prices will have surpassed $6 per gallon by August.

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration used “Putin’s Price Hike” as a pretext to call for tax rises. At the same time, Democratic senators backed gimmicks that former Obama-Biden White House economic advisor Jason Furman condemned as “genuinely awful ideas.”

A single mom spent more than $90 at the pump to fill up her minivan’s 20-gallon tank, while a construction worker paid close to $165 to fill up his pick-up truck.

According to a recent study, over two-thirds of Americans believe increased gas costs have caused them to curtail family spending.

The average American household will now pay an additional $2,000 per year due to rising petrol costs. Americans will spend $5,000 on petrol this year, up 78 percent from the previous year.

Biden’s strategy to reduce gas costs in April was to increase the production and distribution of ethanol-blend gasoline.
Biden said the Environmental Protection Agency would grant an emergency waiver suspending a summer prohibition on using a particular mixed fuel while speaking from Iowa, which produces the majority of the country’s ethanol.

Biden’s comments came only hours after the Labor Department said that the US had suffered its greatest inflation rate in 40 years last month, owing mostly to rises in gas costs and hikes in the price of food, rent, and new automobiles.

Biden explained, “Neither your family’s finances nor your ability to fill up your tank should be dependent on whether a tyrant declares war and commits atrocities half a continent away.”

That isn’t the case.