Benjamin Netanyahu Issues Emergency Warning About Joe Biden

( Former Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu hit out at the new, chaotic coalition Israeli government over agreeing to a “no surprises” policy, whereby Israel will keep the United States informed of any actions taken against the terrorist state of Iran.

It means that President Joe Biden, who is famously incapable of executing effective foreign policy, will be kept in the loop about any military exercises by Israel in its efforts to defend itself and its people against jihadist Iranian terrorists.

Netanyahu, who now serves as the opposition leader in the Israeli Knesset (Congress), said during a legislative session that the information being sent to the United States could easily be leaked to major media outlets and therefore thwart Israeli efforts to take on Iran.

Given how common it is for information to be leaked by the Biden administration to the press – including internal concerns about President Joe Biden’s mental and cognitive health – it seems pretty reasonable for Netanyahu to be concerned.

He explained that this is precisely the reason why, for the last decade as Prime Minister, he refused requests by American presidents to keep them informed of any military action.

Makes sense, right?

The comments by Netanyahu were first published by The Times of Israel and Axios reporter Barak Ravid, who said that Netanyahu is concerned the leaks may occur on purpose to prevent Israel from taking military action.

And given how much the far-left press and Democrats hate Israel defending itself, it sounds like the nation could soon find it incredibly difficult to take action to defend itself against military strikes.

In Israel, the Israeli Military Censor, which is a division of the Israeli Defense Forces Directorate of Military Intelligence, is responsible for ensuring that any sensitive military information does not leak to the press. There is no such system set up in the United States.